Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Real Holocaust?

Nazis researchers collected an enormous amount of human data in their extermination camps, most of which has never been utilized.  It is unthinkable to many people that we should make use of data that was collected through such horrific means.  The fact that it might help us to treat or cure the suffering of existing persons is not sufficient justification for mining the Nazis’ experimental results.  What the Nazis did in terms of the sheer magnitude of human exploitation and torture renders any potential positive outcome null and void.

Curious.  We don’t have a problem using cell phones or automobiles or flat screen digital televisions or any other product of modern industrial civilization. 

You don’t get cell phones (or cars or television, etc.) without the support of a global corporate infrastructure that immiserates a billion people.  You don’t get cell phones without bloody wars for oil and drone attacks on children.  You don’t get cell phones without an environment laced with toxins that kill millions in slow and torturous ways.  You don’t get cell phones without the industrial revolution which impoverished half the world and consigned millions to premature death and a life of quiet anguish as wage slaves—and the industrial revolution itself is historically seated on thousands of years of the blood of uncountable actual slaves.

Cell phones derive from a history of exploitation and torture on a level incomparably more horrendous than the holocaust, and their use is supported by an existing global infrastructure that, in terms of its raw human impact, eclipses the holocaust many thousands of times over.

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