Friday, October 29, 2010

Passive Aggressive

I have sent numerous business reply envelopes back to their source with a simple “no thanks” scrawled across the application inside.  I usually scrawl something a bit less polite across the ones from credit card companies.  Time is money according to corporate math, and so anything I can do to engage a corporate employee’s time has an impact on the corporate bottom line.

I try to avoid box stores like the plague (they are in fact symptoms of a deadly social disease).  But if I do find myself in Walmart or some other Chinese outlet store, there are things that I can do to insure that my purchase will not actually contribute directly to the corporate bottom line.

For example, I could spend some time wandering around the store collecting items in my shopping cart and re-shelving them randomly.  I could send each employee I come across on a wild goose chase in search of an item I know they don’t carry.  And when I get to the checkout lane, I could have the checker checkout a large cart full of items and then “change my mind” claiming that I can only afford the one item I originally came to purchase.  If I do all of these things and keep my purchase small, then the corporation will have spent at least as much in wage-slave labor costs and I will have offset my contribution to the corporate coffers.   

But this is passive aggressive.  Passive aggressive behavior is the last recourse of the powerless—a slave spitting into the master’s soup. 

We need to be setting the plantation on fire!

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