Monday, November 21, 2011

Overwhelming force part 2 (from the UC Davis Chancellor, with love)

An excerpt from a letter sent to UCD alumni from Chancellor Katehi:

“After a week of peaceful exchange and debate, on Thursday a group of protestors including UC Davis students and other non-UC Davis affiliated individuals established an encampment of about 25 tents on the Quad. The group was reminded that while the university provides an environment for students to participate in rallies and express their concerns and frustrations through different forums, university policy does not allow such encampments on university grounds. […] Driven by our concern for the safety and health of the students involved in the protest, as well as other students on our campus, I made the decision not to allow encampments on the Quad during the weekend, when the general campus facilities are locked and the university staff is not widely available to provide support.”

Apparently the students were pepper-sprayed and beaten out of concern for their "safety and health."

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