Thursday, May 24, 2012

A brief reflection on the NATO (so-called-)protests in Chicago

What do the phrases physical beating, armed gunman, added bonus, and police brutality all have in common?

Time’s up.

They are all completely redundant.

We live in a totalitarian police state (another redundant phrase!). Our freedom and autonomy are restricted by pervasive and invasive systems of control that penetrate all facets of our lives and demand our complete acquiescence. Our public and private activity is orchestrated and directed by “authorities” with (actual) armies of highly trained thugs who are sanctioned and equipped to use overwhelming force, and who have the power to remove any remaining vestiges of freedom and delusions of autonomy through direct physical means that include beatings, concussion grenades, tear gas, pepper-spray, electrification, and bullets made of rubber. These thugs can also, of course, use bullets made of lead to kill us at any moment and without repercussion if our obeisance is not sufficiently immediate, or if it does not conform to their bosses' ever-changing and arbitrary standards. And, if there is any suspicion that we might be the kind of people who harbor any notions of meaningful resistance (another redundant phrase), and we happen to live in Yemen or Pakistan (or in a year or two from now, South Chicago, East LA, or Cleveland Ohio) there is a good chance that we (and our family members—including our children) will be cleanly evaporated in the middle of the night with the aid of robotic aircraft flown by some obsessively masturbating military dickweed in a trailer in Colorado.

Now for the bonus round: what do the phrases military intelligence, same difference, business ethics, jumbo shrimp, and peaceful protest have in common?

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