Wednesday, November 21, 2012


The progressive media has been making a lot of noise about the same-sex marriage initiatives that were passed during the last election cycle, as if the legal recognition of gay marriage (or the legal recognition of anything else, for that matter) is some kind of victory. So now there are more states in which non heterosexual people can enter into coercive government-recognized bondage with each other, and this is a cause for celebration? 

Isn’t the legalization of gay marriage just a further broadening of government control? I forget, why is it again that I need government validation of my relationship with another person if it is truly based on mutual freedom of association?  

Let’s be clear about this: marriage is an institution that derives directly from the historical ownership of human beings. Its modern variant as a legal contractual bondage agreement merely obscures the master-slave relationship behind an economic curtain and a veil of mutual autonomy-annihilation. We should be working to eliminate all legal mediation and all systematizing of human relations.

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