Friday, July 19, 2013

Gonna see my picture on the cover, gonna buy five copies for my mother

Retail corporations around the country are refusing to sell the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine because the cover includes a flattering picture of an alleged (yet to be convicted) terrorist—reportedly out of “respect for the victims.”

Right. Respecting victims is always on the top of the corporate agenda. 

Wasn’t it just earlier this week that the smug face of a cold blooded killer acquitted of murdering a black teenager was plastered across newspapers around the country? Take that mom and dad!

The real problem with the Rolling Stone cover is that terrorists can’t look cool. And not because looking cool is disrespectful to anyone. 

The biggest gun in the arsenal of the “war on terror” is media propaganda. Rolling Stone violated the prime directive that all terrorists—even suspected terrorists—are evil psychopathic monsters and have to look the part. One of the things that made Osama Bin Laden such a great terrorist to hate was that he was so butt ugly. The Rolling Stone cover makes this Tsarnaev kid look like one of the original Backstreet Boys.

Terrorists have to be presented consistently and convincingly as less than human, otherwise the whole ruse collapses. If terrorists were truly human, then we would have to actually look at “reasons” for terrorism that exist outside of terrorists’ warped and dysfunctional minds.

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