Wednesday, November 10, 2010

On the Myth of Equality

While not all foraging societies have been entirely egalitarian, it is at least theoretically possible for a tribal society to manifest something very close to true social equality.

It is, however, impossible to incorporate even a small degree of egalitarianism into a consumer-based, corporate system.  And it’s not just a pragmatic matter—the corporate system is a system designed specifically to promote and increase disparity.  It is a system of exploitation.  If everyone were suddenly to have equal access and equal power, the entire system would pop into nothingness like a soap bubble.

All men (and women) may be created equal (whatever that means), but the instant they engage the system they are sorted into a complex hierarchy of access, a hierarchy that reaches deep into the womb.  For 21st century humans, freedom ends at conception.

But the push for equality is really not about freedom anyway.  The term freedom has no referent in a hierarchical system.  The push for equality is really a struggle for greater access to the reigns of exploitation.  The potent irony is that the entire purpose the system in the first place is to effect the efficient exploitation of humanity.

I suppose that if I am going to lose my leg regardless, and I was given the choice, I would rather cut it off myself than give the knife to someone else.

The question of why any of us should have to sacrifice a leg—read: our humanity—is never addressed.

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