Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's Monsanto all the way down

Let’s see if I got this right.  A small-time Indiana soybean farmer went down to the local grain elevator and bought some seeds. In his bag of seeds were some of Monsanto’s patented GMOs. The farmer planted the seeds and grew his crop and then—here’s where we see the farmer’s true evil intent—he saved back some of the seed from his harvest to plant the next year’s crop. 

Monsanto is screaming foul because the seeds he planted for the next year, despite the fact that they are a generation removed, have strands of DNA that Monsanto has a legal patent on.

A short slide down the slippery slope and Monsanto could argue that, because I grew up eating processed food containing soybean oil extracted from Monsanto beans, and because I have surely eaten my share of factory-farmed livestock that were force-fed patented Monsanto corn, much of my cellular structure has been built with patented Monsanto creations, making me and all the products of my cellular metabolism (including my paycheck) property of Monsanto. 

Yet another reason to eat Paleo.   

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