Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Joystick justice

It’s official. USAcorp has granted itself the “legal” right to vaporize US citizens who are “suspected” enemies-of-state without a trial. 

There are too many slippery slopes to list here, not the least of which involves the definition of “enemy-of-state,” with its shape-shifting tendencies. Today it's defectors to Al Qaeda. Tomorrow, who knows?  Maybe human rights activists, or atheists, or people who threaten the economic order by growing their own non GMO food.

I’m not too worried that we are heading for a time when you and I could be droned out of existence while we sleep just for expressing anti-state opinions, though. The memo specifically states that killing is indicated only in those situations where capture is not practical. With the privatizing of prisons and the burgeoning economic demand for cellblock livestock, capture will become increasingly the preferred alternative regardless of how “enemy” is redefined.

OK, so maybe I am just a little bit worried...

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